Social Berhavioral aspecst of Studio

Discussion in class on Friday revolved around the different aspects of re-designing the studio space.  Several of the presentations had points that hit home and will be incorporated into my studio designed studio.

The Interviews that were given by a few groups showed not so much the intent of the students using the studio but the importance of wording your questions.  It was evident how easily a question can be posed to receive an answer, either intentionally or unintentionally.  In that even open ended questions can be directed we received basically the same data regardless of time in program, sex, age, etc.  The final question in the interview group gave incredible insight.  I loved the comment that we should use this opportunity for “staging for open house”  If we treat our studio like our house and decorate it with the best and most tasteful pieces in the right spot, our open houses will be much more fulfilling.

Suggestions came from all groups:

  • Sliding walls for area separation
  • Cellular shades (by Grabber)  may not be practical but a great idea
  • Digital pin-up area…  I loved this idea.
  • Photography/Staging room (an absolute must!)
  • Lockers + Secure storage
  • Appliances in Quiet spaces.

As a whole we all looked at our studio space from other people’s eyes and found that everyone has the same issues.

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background:   We were given pictures to rummage through to locate an image that fit with each of the 4 words (Community, Authenticity, Innovation and Stewardship)  Due to scanner issues my pictures would not scan so I will do my best to describe each image.


I was paired with Jenni and Jasmine.  Jenni pulled a picture of a goat’s feet bound together.  She mentioned that it represented the bond we all carry with us to our neighbor.  Jasmine selected a paining “Battle of the Sexes” that depicted women on the left and men on the right with a seated man in the middle.  She believed that it was the “takes a village” mentality that makes a community whole.  I chose the photograph of tombstones of a husband and wife.  I described my selection as a place where the living come to celebrate a person’s life together and is often a meeting place for the community.


I was paired with Aws and Austin this time.  We discussed Aws’ painting that appeared to be a religious meeting.  There was multiple focal points in the work with people of all walks of life represented.  I personaly believed the artists perspective was the Authentic view while Aws held to his ideas of religious choice being a personal experience.  Austin had a picture of a sea turtle and liked the notion of striking off on your own but later meeting up with a group for a common goal.  I had a picture of a sea kayaker.  His solace is contrasted with the city in the fog.  With the foreground filled with an in focus figure you must also step one step back and identify that this shot was taken by a photographer putting the kayaking figure not as alone as one would think… the photographer then becomes the focus of the shot with his eye making this an authentic work of art.


This time I had 3 classmates: Julie, Aws and Jenni.  Julie pulled a shot of a child looking over a blue rail.  The innovation was in the eyes of the child and what he may do in his life.  Aws had an industrial scene with pouring molten metal.  The industrial setting gave innovation an easy point of contact.  Jenni had an antique photograph of a male speaker with a raised hand speaking to a group of seated men on the right.  She spoke about the sharing of knowledge and educational impact on Innovation.  I saw a blue pipe with a skateboarder playing inside.  The absence of proper tools leads to innovation and kids will find something to play on.  Play I believe is a great instigator of innovation.


Finally I received Phil and Jenni as partners.  Phill had a shot of a highway.  The stewardship didn’t lie in the roads but the retention of the areas outside of the roads.  Without pathways the land would be subject to ruin.  Jenni pulled a painting of a man with a crown sitting in a chair.  There is an apparently dead woman laying on the bed with two women on the left and two men behind the seated figure.  The stewardship was with the preservation of the life and memory of the woman and the dignity of death.  I chose an aerial shot of machu picchu.  The Peruvian city is abandon but preserved for tourists to climb the mountain and see.  The people preserve the city and the existence of the city preserves the employment of the people.  A symbiotic existence between an inanimate object that is preserved by the people.

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First Year Light boxes

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Swedish meatballs

Today’s assignment was to bring a family favorite to class.  We love food in our studio.  I have been a chef for years and I realized last night while preparing the dish how much my food has in relation with our class discussions.

I am of Norwegian decent with a little scotch, german and Indian mixed in…  My Mother’s parents were predominantly of Scandinavian decent.  I remember the flavors and smells of my grandmothers kitchen and the tastes I experienced at the end of a wooden spoon.  Descriptions were few and far between there and it was just “this is what’s for dinner”.

After years of kitchen experience as a fusion chef I have found interest in how foods found their way as local iconic flavors.  Pastas with fresh herbs and tomatoes in Italy, Spicy foods with rice and beans in Mexico, Spice filled colors in India and fish based foods in Japan are all a product of their local abilities to produce product.  Falling back to Norway and Sweden in the production of this dish I realized the significance of Swedish meatballs to the location.

The filling for the meatballs has a British flair from their bread sauce which contains scalded milk, allspice, nutmeg and bread for a thickener.  The Swedish meatball borrows that thickening idea from the british or maybe it went the other way.  When looking at how food styles flow across the earth we have to back up and see what adjacencies are and where travel led the people of the land.

Start with torn bread pieces…  (leftover from meals)

Add Milk to soften the bread…  (again leftover from meals)

While they soak sweat the onions.. (root vegetables can be held over long winters)

In a large bowl mix…

Hamburger…  (pieces ground from inedible parts of the cow)

Ground Pork…  (pieces ground from inedible parts of the pig)

Nutmeg and Allspice…  (Herbs were unavailable or rare.  Spices hold a long time)

Salt and Pepper…  (standard and maintainable in any climate)

Egg Yolk…  (leftover from making paint)

The meatballs are browned in butter and are light an fluffy…. the bread and egg yolk give a creamyness that contrasts to the heavy sauce it floats in.

Sauce is produced by adding flour to the butter and animal fat in the pan.  Beef stock is added to the roux until brought to correct consistency.  Heavy cream is used to finish off the sauce.

I know thinking of a recipe in the long format here is difficult for some but to understand where you can take a recipe or design you must first know where it came from.


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furniture schedule

2-27-12                                                                                                                                                  These are the specs for the reading room.  Simple additions for a design that will bring elegance and style to a showcase room.

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furniture plan

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Reflected Ceiling Plan

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